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We combine the best of the business and technology worlds
to develop innovative ERP process automation empowered by state-of-the-art algorithms.

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What BLPers Say

Starting my journey with BLP Digital's developer team has been incredibly exciting. As a tech startup at the forefront of AI-powered document processing, BLP Digital is revolutionizing how industries tackle time-consuming and error-prone tasks.

I am thrilled by our mission to use artificial intelligence to bring about industry-wide change.

As a junior developer with a keen interest in AI and machine learning, it is rewarding to be part of a company leading in innovation. Every day, I apply and grow my skills, learning from the vast expertise of my colleagues. I feel honoured to contribute to a team that is not just participating in the industry but actively shaping its future.

Cristy, Machine Learning Engineer

Starting my new adventure with BLP Digital AG has been truly exciting. This innovative start-up is at the forefront of change, making it the ideal place for someone keen to impact our future, particularly in project management and customer success.

Drawing on my experience as a senior project manager at SIX and the vast knowledge of our fantastic team, I am confident in our ability to ensure smooth tool implementation for our clients.

Our efforts are poised to transform ERP processes, not only in Switzerland but throughout Europe and globally. Being part of BLP Digital means being at the core of innovation, and I eagerly anticipate contributing significantly and learning from the industry's best.

Sandro, Projekt Manager

Working at BLP Digital as a software engineer has been a thrilling experience. Witnessing the company's growth over time has proved incredibly exciting and motivating.

Being part of the full-stack developer team, I tackle new challenges daily to enhance our clients' operations, in an environment that fosters growth, learning, and the free exchange of ideas. Working alongside some of the industry's brightest minds, all dedicated to making a tangible impact, is incredibly rewarding.

I am proud to contribute to a company that is making significant strides in ERP automation worldwide and is committed to driving innovation in the industry.

Sinan, Software Engineer

Our Story

At BLP Digital, we combine the best of the business and technology worlds. We develop state-of-the-art machine-learning algorithms to address pressing business needs. Specifically, we aim to free individuals from repetitive tasks, thus allowing them more time for engaging and valuable work.

Our journey began in 2018 with the development of our technology at ETH Zurich. Founded in 2019 by a team of entrepreneurs and machine learning experts, we quickly earned the recognition of an ETH and HSG spin-off. Since then, our team has expanded from 15 to 50 skilled professionals, encompassing software engineers and business experts passionate about utilising Artificial Intelligence to transform the ERP process automation market.


Our shared vision is to liberate humans from repetitive and monotonous tasks, thereby empowering them to dedicate their focus to more meaningful and creative endeavours. By achieving this, we aim to create a profound positive impact on our societies and economies.


Our mission is to develop the premier ERP process automation solution, enhanced by innovative machine learning. We aim to provide tools that seamlessly extract pertinent information from a diverse range of documents, offering autonomous support to individuals navigating complex processes.

We Live Our Values

We want every team member to benefit from our company's success, and to truly enjoy working here.
This why we are all living our values.


We champion transparency and context, fostering trust and comprehension through open communication and proactive information sharing.


We empower our team to own their projects and make decisions with confidence, trusting their expertise to drive success and maintain our company's integrity.


Candor is central to our culture, promoting open and honest communication within a respectful and constructive framework.


We are driven to challenge the status quo, innovate, and provide exceptional value, aiming to elevate our technology and impact the global business landscape positively.

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