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Artificial Intelligence for information extraction from documents – ROI from day 1

The formula is simple. Reducing processing times + reducing error rates + increasing efficiency and productivity rates = increasing bottom line. At BLP Digital we work on a solution, which extracts all relevant information from...

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ETH spin-off recognition

BLP Digital AG has officially been announced an ETH spin-off company. Since the 1990s, ETH Zurich has been supporting the foundation of companies based on its research achievements. The objective is to turn such research results...

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Official foundation of BLP Digital AG

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.", Henry Ford – Without doubt Henry Ford was a luminary of automation which is why it seems right to cite him announcing the official foundation...

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Why rules and template systems fail to reliably extract information from documents

Many solutions in the market promise automatic data extraction, yet they are based on templates or rules. Those rules and templates require setup and constant adjustments. Changing documents cause errors. Our deep learning...

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Extracting information from documents - our technology briefly explained

When humans write documents they insert visual elements resp. an underlying visual structure for other humans to understand them easier and faster. However, conventional computer programs do not recognize this visual structures.

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Heading for new shores

As of September 1st we have left our ETH facilities and moved to our new offices at Technopark. Surrounded by 300 of Switzerland's most innovative companies, this is the ideal place for us to further grow, exchange knowledge...

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