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Freeing up employees by automating information extraction from

At BLP Digital we make use of Artificial Intelligence
to automate repetitive and tedious tasks

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Automation with Artificial Intelligence

Structured information is key for business related processes.

Manually extracting the right data from documents is repetitive, tedious and thus prone to error.

BLP Digital automatically extracts relevant information, speeds up decision making and reduces costs.

This makes you more efficient, saves you time and money. Get rid of repetitive white collar work.

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Top-notch technologies

Combination of deep learning image recognition and natural language processing algorithms derived from ETH research.

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Immediate ROI

Faster data extraction. Better extraction accuracies. Instant decision power. Highly optimized average document processing time.

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Instant implementation

No rule or template setups. Solutions for cloud and on-premise. Integration into existing systems. Instant results.

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Accounts payable

Challenge: Accounting departments receive a high-volume of invoices through different channels. Once received, employees have to manually extract relevant data from them or setup and regularly adapt templates.

Solution: Using artificial intelligence to automatically extract relevant data at human accuracy level. Workflows to check and correct uncertainties.

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Customer service

Challenge: Customer service operators receive a high number of emails with repetitive questions. The challenge is that every email is phrased differently why automation is difficult.

Solution: With natural language processing we extract the meaning of emails and automatically answer to double check the understood with the client.

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Expense management

Challenge: Employees collect many receipts on business trips. The administration is tedious and prone to error.

Solution: A mobile solution lets employees administrate their receipts on the spot using Artificial Intelligence to extract the relevant information. Manually administrated receipts can be fast audited with automatic Artificial Intelligence cross checks.

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Recruiting process

Challenge: Human resource employees only have very limited time to review the CV of applicants. They spend more time on screening for the relevant data than on decision making.

Solution: Using Artificial Intelligence to extract the relevant data into a structured format shifts the employee task towards informed decision making.

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Transcript processing

Challenge: Universities and other institutions need to check the transcripts of their applicants for compliance with their admission regulations.

Solution: Understanding the table structure of transcripts using Artificial Intelligence and then automatically comparing the content with the university’s admission regulations.

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Tenant applications

Challenge: More popular rental properties receive a high number of applications within a very short time period in various formats. The operators need to browse them to select appropriate candidates.

Solution: Using Artificial Intelligence to sort out non-qualified candidates and provide operators with structured information.

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Team neu sven Linkedin

Sven Beck

MSc. Robotics, System & Control, ETH Zurich

Machine learning specialist with experience at Louis Dreyfus and Alpiq Holding. Successfully founded and built the tech for three other startups.

Team neu pedro Linkedin

Pedro Marques

MSc. Informatics

30+ years’ experience in Software Engineering. Founded Contrail Systems (acquired by Juniper Networks in 2012). Former data extraction leader at Google, applying NLP and machine learning.

Team neu moises Linkedin

Moisés Garcia

MSc. Computer Science, ETH Zurich

Natural language processing specialist with experience from Nanos.ai, Credit Suisse and ETH Zurich.

Team neu tim Linkedin

Tim Beck

MSc. Mech. Engineering & Economics, RWTH Aachen

Specialist in digital business models and automation. Experience working in strategy consulting and successfully founded two other startups.

Team neu leo Linkedin

Leo Schittenhelm

MBI, University of St. Gallen

Specialist in innovation projects with experience at Switzerland’s biggest health insurer CSS. Former professional athlete and experience in consulting.

Team neu yevheniia Linkedin

Yevheniia Zelenska

MSc. Computer systems and networks

Expert in mobile solutions with multiple successful start-up experiences. Also proficient on various instruments.

Team claudiu Linkedin

Dr. Claudiu Valculescu

PhD in Mathematics, EPFL Lausanne

Expert in mathematical models, geometry and optimization problems. Several prizes and medals at international mathematics contests and olympiads.

Team ian Linkedin

Ian Lienert

MSc. Computer Science, ETH Zurich

Specialist in building robust machine learning pipelines. 5+ years’ experience in startups and research experience in the field.

Team akmaral Linkedin

Akmaral Yessenalina

MSc. student Data Science, ETH Zurich

Experience in deep learning and computational statistics. Former data analyst for Kaspi Bank and Philip Morris.

Team neu stefan feuerriegel ADVISOR Linkedin

Prof. Dr. Stefan Feuerriegel

ETH professor in management information systems. Stefan has been researching on the topic of document parsing for more than 11 years. Successfully founded a startup specialized in NLP for corporate communication.

Team neu daniel seifert ADVISOR Linkedin

Daniel Seifert

Head Investment Algorithms at UBS and former McKinsey Associate Partner. Deep know-how in banking operations, process automation, and business building.

Team neu matthias heuberger ADVISOR Linkedin

Matthias Heuberger

Head of Transformation and Innovation, CSS Insurances. Former head of Process and Value Chain Digitization at Zurich Insurance Groupe. More than 10 years’ experience in process automation and implementation of software robots.

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