ERP process optimization
through automated data
extraction from documents

20x accelerated processing time

70% reduced administration costs

2 days implementation effort due to plug-and-play AI

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Does your company process delivery notes and invoices still manually?

Typical challenges associated with the manual processing of delivery notes and incoming invoices:

Tedious comparison with order data, particularly in case of partial deliveries, false deliveries as well as under- and overdeliveries

Incorrect entering of batch and serial numbers

Time-consuming capturing of price changes and additional costs

Non-compliance with payment and discount deadlines

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Due to the manual administration of delivery notes and invoices, the middle class loses up to 1% of its turnover on average.

Cost savings potential calculator

Number of delivery notes to be processed per month

400 delivery notes

Number of invoices to be processed per month

200 invoices

Ø Gross annual salary of the employee in charge

60'000 CHF

Cost savings potential p.a.

Our tailor-made solution accelerates your administration in the ERP system significantly.

The intelligent plug-and-play automation solution is a true ERP booster:

Automated data extraction from delivery notes and incoming invoices

Comparison of the extracted data with the ERP values

Simple end-to-end integration into existing system landscapes

Adaptation to existing business logics and personalization to customer-specific document types

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Accelerated business processes, lower costs and easy integration.

Up to 20x faster processes

Our intelligent solution extracts all relevant information automatically and compares it with the set values of the ERP system. Your employees just have to confirm.

Save up to CHF 25 per document

Not only do you save high labor costs, but you also significantly reduce errors caused by manual data entry. In addition, your employees can focus on their core competencies, leading to increased value creation.

Implemented in 2 working days

Our solution can be integrated directly into your existing IT architecture. Due to the self-learning system, manual configurations are not required. No retraining of employees is necessary, since our solution builds on existing business logic and workflows.

Our groundbreaking technology was developed at ETH Zurich, a leading global research institute for artificial intelligence.

Innovative Machine Learning

A novel combination of Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing sets new standards for the extraction of fine-grained table data.

Continuous improvement

The system learns immediately from human input and thus continuously improves itself.

End-to-end process automation

Data is not just extracted. The Artificial Intelligence compares it with the set values from the enterprise system, thereby supporting the operator at each process step.

Simple personalization

Using documents from the past, the system can be pre-trained automatically for customer-specific cases.

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